Wilde Bijen Parade - Children's book
authors: Laura Surentu & Marieke van Middelkoop

Wilde Bijen Parade is a colourful children's book to help kids understand the importance of bees and biodiversity, with illustrations by 40 wonderful artists. The book celebrates diversity in bee species, as well as diversity in art styles. 

Part of the profit goes to the Bijenstichting.
Sample: here you can find a look inside!


I initiated the concept for this book, and together with Marieke van Middelkoop coordinated the project and wrote the texts.
I also made 3 illustrations to help visualize the stories.

The book was made in collaboration with KNNV Publishers, the Dutch Bee Foundation ('Bijenstichting'), experts Pieter van Breugel and Arjen Strijkstra, and 40 artists and illustrators.  The cover was made by the talented illustrator Zsuzsanna Ilijin.

Nomination and exposition
The book was nominated for the Hotze de Roosprijs 2021.
The illustrations in the book were presented in an exposition in the Natural History Museum Rotterdam (summer 2021). 

For more information: KNNV website and Bored Panda

For sale
available in various
book stores / webshops:
Webshop of the Bee Foundation
 Bol, Bruna, and Green Jump 

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Book reviews

Wilde Bijen Parade - exposition in the
Natural History Museum Rotterdam, summer 2021

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Bee Pop-up cards workshop, Natural History Museum, article in children's newspaper Jong010, August 2021
presented by Laura Surentu & Emma Hazenak

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upcoming: Wilde Bijen Parade expo, 2022
Museum De Wereld van Kina, Gent (Belgium)

more information coming soon!