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About me

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Hello there! I'm Laura Surentu, an enthusiastic illustrator from the Netherlands. I love creating expressive illustrations to draw viewers into a story. 


* In October 2024, "The art of breastfeeding"  will be published by La Leche League International in cooperation with Penguin Random House! It was an absolute pleasure to co-create illustrations for this educational book. 

* Furthermore, I have written "Wilde Bijen Parade", in collaboration with the Bee Foundation and the KNNV Publishers. (In 2024, the 2nd print came out.)

Wilde Bijen Parade celebrates both (bio)diversity in bee species, as well as diversity in art styles.
I am co-author and one of 40 illustrators of this book, which was published in 2020 by
KNNV Publishers. Part of the profit goes to the Dutch Bee Foundation. All illustrations of the book were showcased in an exhibition in the Nature History Museum in Rotterdam in the summer of 2021 and at De Wereld van Kina in Gent, Belgium from spring until the summer of 2022. 

I have a background in History (Ba) and Media & Communication (Ma, topic: Media & Journalism),
from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. I have studied a wonderful semester in Paris, and I have lived in Canada for a while, which brought the concept of 'cold' to a whole new level, but it was good fun and worth it. 
After several years of working in Communication and Language Education, I decided to focus more on writing and illustration.

Feel free to have a look here to explore my illustration-adventures.
You can also leave me a
message, I am always open to new ideas and collaborations.

You can also find me on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Have a great day!

some reoccurring themes in my art: storytelling, time, children, motherhood, nature and biodiversity, history, silly crocodiles, surrealism, education

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