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Commissioned / commercial art

mama en baby LR.jpg

Used by, article - 'Supporting young mothers'
Corel Painter, 2020 , also for sale as a card at concept store Mama's Winkel

bij study 12 (1).jpg
girl 4.jpg

Commission work for MoveLab, 2023


Stand-in sign for the Wild Bee Parade Exposition in Museum De Wereld van Kina, in Gent, Belgium.
The aim was to help children remember the special connection between bees, flowers, pollination and food.

snip lll zomer.JPG

Commission work for La Leche League Nederland, Corel Painter, 2021

Selection of several illustrations, commission work for MoveLab, 2021 (low resolution)
The aim was to show a positive energizing impression of MoveLab for children.

snip nacht bedankt.JPG

Commission work for La Leche League Nederland, Corel Painter, 2020

Kids playing in yard - free work.jpg

For sale as a card at concept store Mama's Winkel

dino op kast copy.jpg

Dino-print for sale at Etsy, 2021


For 'Wilde Bijen Parade', 2019, a children's book about the importance of bees and biodiversity
(I was co-author, co-illustrator, project coordinator and initiator)

Birth card - Commission work.jpg

Commission work, birth card, Photoshop, 2019

Personal art projects

kids pixie 04 without effects 57procent

Illustration for personal practice, Corel Painter 2021

Jarig kaart vierkant dropped zonder teks

Illustration, inspired by 'the Neverending Story' by Michael Ende

''Als het voortrazen op de enorme vuurleeuw op een roes en een kreet had geleken, dan leek dit soepele wiegen van het lenige drakenlijf op een lied, dat nu eens zacht en teder was, en dan weer machtig en stralend.''

Happy animals camping.jpg
DSC_3367draak lr.jpg
zoekboek 9 for web lr2.jpg

One of my greetings cards, sold at 'Mama's Winkel'

Parklife with dinosaurs.jpg
Dinosaurs cooking.jpg
paris bastille 003 LR 2.jpg
apples 06 LR.jpg
music band jpg  2444px.jpg
trex hunting a mosquito.jpg
HR bunny hoppetee copy.jpg
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